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Graphic design or communication design is a type of visual communication which is presented through a combination of skillful text, images, ideas etc. The graphic designer team of BeyondScript is specialized in graphic designing & is capable of creating and combining various texts, symbols, images etc. to form a visual representation of different ideas & information. Beyondscript provides various graphic design applications which are listed below :


Illustrations & Clip-art

Our team helps in developing electronic graphic that can be used to decorate a document.



We also design various graphic arts for newspapers, books, magazines, press releases etc.


Visual identity

Visual identity includes logos, business cards, letterhead, etc. We can help you in designing your company’s logo, business cards, etc.


Marketing Material

We design various marketing materials like brochures, postcard, posters, etc.

Graphic Design Process

Collection Of Information

We first gather the information from our client and asks for a brief review of what exactly our client needs. After gathering the client’s mission, vision, & goal, We are able to understand the targeted market & objectives of the product and begins working on it.

Product Research

After getting a firm understanding of the task, Our team starts researching on the product’s differentiator, history of the product, analysing competitors, analysing market trends, etc. This research procedure helps us to gather various information about the product due to which we can make the product more effective & efficient.


By researching and analysing various information about the product, our team starts working on the design idea of the product.We focus on designing a product in such a way that it should look different, more creative and innovative and can attract the maximum number of people towards it.

Mock Ups

After brainstorming,we build mock ups, i.e. we implement those ideas by drawing them onto a paper to get a rough idea on how the design will look like. When the sketch starts getting some shape, we implement those sketches onto the computer & also share those sketches with our client so as to check whether the design is accurate or not.

Building Design

This is the part where the sketches are formed using various graphic designing tools. We usually present our client with two versions of design so as to get more clear idea of what he likes and what more changes he needs in the design.

Design Presentation

After completion of the final design, We present the design in a print ready file format.We present the design to our client in that file format,which he reviews it & give the final verdict on the design.

Design Finalise

After getting the approval of the design from our client, We successfully deliver the design to our client.


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