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Product photography is a part of commercial photography where photographs of a product are represented in an accurate and attractive manner. BeyondScript provides catalogue photography & conceptual photography which can help you make your website look more impactful and attractive.
- Catalogue Photography: high end digital photography and designing techniques are used. In catalogue photography, white backgrounds with accurate colors are used while shooting a product.Catalogue photography is mainly used in E-commerce websites.
- Conceptual Photography: is that type of photography which highlights or explains an idea through a photograph. In conceptual photography, a normal photograph can be explained into an expressive piece of artwork using various signs & symbols.


Tabletop Photography

Our team has very skillful & experienced tabletop photographers who knows how to light, prop, highlight all the products.


Lightning of Products

We have photographers who have very broad experience of lightning photography through which they can leave a huge impact on image production & its quality.


Image Editing

Image editing is one of the important part through which an image can be made perfect. We present the perfect image because we have skilled photographer who understands the image editing procedure very accurately.


Image Production

Our photographers focuses on balancing the image quality with production. Our aim is to provide perfect images to our clients.

Product Photography Process

Product Information

We first gather information about the product from the client, i.e. What type of product has to be shot and what is the purpose/goal of the client behind the product’s photoshoot. Due to this, it gives us an idea on how to shoot the product and what type of photography is to be done.

Planning The Shoot

After gathering information about the product, we first analyse the items required for the product’s shoot and then the location where the product’s shoot will take place. After all this, we fix a date on when the shoot will take place.

Preparation Of The Studio

After finalising the day & location of the shoot, our team starts preparing for the studio. Preparation of the studio means, we consistently check & record the position of light, colour, camera, etc. so as to make the product’s shoot a success.

Capturing The Product’s Shot

After doing all the arrangement, we first take tests shots of the product so as to check the light, colour, focus limit,etc of the product,which gives us an idea of how the image shoot is proceeding and what angles are to be selected for the product’s shoot.

Image Processing

After product’s shoot,we select the best images of the product which are then processed for the web purposes. The image processing includes high quality processing of images,editing of color & light factor of the image,adjustment in exposure,contrast, hue,saturation properties of the image, etc.

Review & Delivery Of Image

After completion of image processing, we present the image to our client to get the review of the image. After getting the client’s satisfaction on the image, we successfully deliver the images to our client.


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